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Welcome to

Kidz with Goals Unlimited

Daycare in Hopewell, Virginia


Learn. Think. Create.



Six weeks to sixteen months.

247 East Cawson St. Location only.


Seventeen months to three years of age.

247 East Cawson St. Location only.


Three to four years of age 

333 East Poythress St. Location 




Call 804-668-5739

for more information.

Our Approach

Learn. Think. Create.

These are just a few of the skills and qualities that children will develop at Kidz with Goals Unlimited. Since our founding, we have focused on supporting kids during all childhood transitions. Our day-to-day activities are designed to nurture emotional and intellectual growth. Through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, your children are free to develop into bright young minds. Reach out to learn more, or enroll with us today!


What Parents Think

"Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable! This daycare is operated by nurses who love caring for people. They provide a safe environment where real time video surveillance is available so you can see what your kids are doing while in their care. "

Felicity Morris

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